Well, I am just another blue-collar guy.Graduated high school and tried to make it in the music industry.That sure didn’t go all that well,so I took a job to try to be a responsible dad considering I became a father at 19 it seemed like the right thing to do.After working in a large company for many years barely getting by I started my own business in the food industry.After some time I partnered up with a few people and opened an internet mail order company.Well once that business was sold I got into real estate where I am still trying to make ends meet these last few years. After doing well for so long its hard to imagine where im at today.Im just a guy looking to be involved I see our country crumbling and how things right now are having an effect on me directly.I tried venting and talking to others but most times it feels as if it falls on deaf ears.  I’m so surprised how many people don’t care or just don’t want to hear about it.After getting the idea that most people just think you’re crazy to care I’ve tried to get the word out on Facebook or even Twitter.It just seems like the only people who respond are people of like mind to begin with.So i decided to start this blog and vent here,at least it gives me the opportunity to get things off my chest.Although most of the rants I make are going to be political there may be other light-hearted posts here having to do with Fishing,Food,Beer and Real Estate. Hopefully some of you can relate……..Happy Trails!


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