Mega Millions,What would you do?, Here is what I’d do!

Well, let’s see…..
For starters, I would purchase an Mountain in Upstate N.Y., secure the property taxes from 2012 and lock in that rate for 25 years and write them a check in full. Next I would build  the house of my dreams, with a boat for the lake I would be living on, a music studio for recording, rehearsing and ham radio broadcasts for when the shit hits the fan. Of course there would be a winery facility for making wine and of course a beer brewing facility.

 In addition to the main home I would build my underground survival bunker not too far from the main house with an impenetrable entrance and storage facilities. The bunker would be able to support around 20 people for around 20 years, and stock the storage facilities with 25 years of non-perishable MREs. I’d create a series of geodesic greenhouse domes, for additional fresh produce, and stock the lake with good eating fish for additional nourishment.

Once that is complete, construction would begin for spotting the mountain with other smaller domiciles for friends and family to move into if they chose, up to 13 in all. Every home would generate their own electric, via solar and wind, and have their own wells for water supply allowing me to remove everyone from the grid completely.

Upon completion I’d then begin buying tangible precious metals from gold and silver to copper,platinum and lead along with tons of other commodities such as sugar, cocoa, salt, dried corn ect. To be housed in my underground storage facilities. I’d never need another thing from the outside world because I would be completely self-sufficient along with any others that decided to join me. I’d only have to venture out for fun, travel, and spend time around the world on my own terms, when and where I wanted…………. What a life…
What are your ideas?


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