Will you help me raise one million dollars by midnight for our Final Push for Super Tuesday?

Right now, we’re less than $200,000 away from reaching this goal.

The simple truth is, this is your last chance to help me finish implementing my Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) plans in key states by March 6.

My staff is preparing right now to make the final ad buys and to take the other steps necessary to turn out the massive number of Ron Paul supporters we’ve identified.

And what better way to follow up on our great success in Washington than with many more incredible showings this Tuesday!

Thanks to the previous help from my grassroots supporters, not only were we able to capture second place in the latest contest, but we also had the resources to take a significant amount of the delegates crucial to winning the nomination.

That’s just another reason your financial assistance is so desperately needed right now.

Not only are we running to get the highest vote count possible, but we’re devoting every resource we can spare to recruiting voters to run for delegate spots and then guiding them through an often complicated process – all the way to the Republican National Convention this August.

While other candidates are focused solely on the “beauty contests” to get the headlines, we’re undertaking a comprehensive strategy that I am confident can lead to the Nomination…

… but only if I can depend on your support at this most critical time.

Super Tuesday puts ten states and over 400 delegates on the line.

And the media is focused on the same old drama with my other opponents.

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I believe that’s the case because they can’t focus on any core differences among Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum.

No matter how they dress their rhetoric up on the campaign trail, at the end of the day, they all still believe in the Big Government, big spending policies that have crippled our economy, ruined our dollar, and made America less competitive in the world.

In other words, there won’t be a whole lot to distinguish them from President Obama this fall.

The American people are searching for real leadership and the kind of President who will stick to his principles no matter what the special interests throw at him.

The kind of leader who won’t be afraid to make the hard choices needed to get our nation back on track.

I have stood for limited constitutional government, sound money, and individual freedom for over 30 years.

And I believe the solutions found in the liberty message are exactly what our country needs.

We must be able to reach undecided voters with the truth about our freedom agenda, and you and I have seen firsthand what kind of effect this can have – more times than I can count.

But I can only reach those voters in these few remaining hours if I have your support.

So many of you have given to this project, and I can’t thank you enough.

I urge you to dig down deep one more time so I can pull out every stop and use every resource to finish as strongly as possible this Tuesday.

And if you haven’t yet given, please don’t let this moment slip by without participating.

Every single dollar raised will go toward winning this nomination. And I guarantee you it will be put to immediate use.

Our Final Push ends at midnight tonight.

So please click here right away to make your most generous contribution.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Our strong showing in Washington – where we took second place and captured a tremendous amount of the delegate spots crucial to winning the nomination – can set the stage for more success on Tuesday.

But only if I have your immediate support.

Our Final Push ends at midnight tonight, and this is your last chance to help me finish implementing our Get-Out-the-Vote strategy for Tuesday.

Please, if you have already given, I urge you to dig down deep one more time tonight.

And if you haven’t contributed, I can’t stress enough how much I am counting on you now.



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