Ron Paul on Glenn Beck

As much as Glenn would like to get more questions in I think this interview  benefits from letting Dr. Paul speak.

They talk truth about what’s coming and how bad things can possibly get.   

 Consider this:  What if our situation actually does take a turn for the worse? Picture rioting in the streets combined with public outcry for government intervention to make it stop.The goverment obliges by  instituting  marshall law.

If a situation like that were to happen,

The question is: Which of these two options do you feel most comfortable with?               

  • The existing establishment:  Who would love nothing more than to suspend the Constitution &  take total control of the citizenry,under the guise of  a shinning knight?                                                                       
  •  Or: The one man,totally committed to protecting your natral rights and liberties in a time of  REAL crisis?

As someone who puts the principles of free people and a free country ahead of all else and strict adherence to the founding documents,Ron Paul  is the only man I would TRUST  NOT to take my freedom and liberties away in a vulnerable time in our history.


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