Russia Poised to Exploit Western Withdrawl from Afghanistan

Submitted by Trevor on September 2, 2011 – 8:22 pm EST

Russia is working to re-assert its influence in Afghanistan and build ties with Pakistan.

As Western forces prepare to wind down the war in Afghanistan, Russia is preparing to take advantage of the power vacuum.

Will the West lose thousands of lives and trillions in treasure, only to see Russia seize the spoils by forging a central Asian Russo-Islamic alliance ?

Watch The Video Here:

Submitted by Me:

 I’m so sick of this crap!!!!!!!!!!! we go in break things,nation build for a decade spend 100’s of billions of dollars then fail to turn an Islamic fascist state into a Jeffersonian democracy….who would have ever thought those people would even want it,im sure they are up on American history right? …HA!……..Now we will leave and these commies will stroll right in and exploit all we have done. When are we going to stop this nation building crap.We should have gone in there hard and heavy….flattened out the place got the job done and left!  If we did the war would have been over in a month.            But Nooooooooooo we have to be the good guys,with surgical strikes and try to rebuild an entire nation of backward thinking tribes and be politically correct.Those people understand and respect very few things and they are .POWER, STRENGTH and RESOLVE. We look like frigging bafoons……Bin Laden said it exactly and I hate to say this but he was right. “The Americans will come but over time they will grow weary of war and go home” They will claim victory over the great satan and this will just embolden them more……this is so crazy, and they say Ron Paul’s foreign policy is kooky? what do you call this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Just wait until we leave Iraq…We have primed it perfectly for Iran to move right in,what a joke! and after building an embassy as large as the Vatican that will employ 17,000 beaurocrats what a waste of lives manpower,time and money…….This is so stupid.I know who the kooks are and it isn’t Ron Paul…..No wonder active military donates more to Paul than all other candidates combined!


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