The question of temporarliy removing EPA regulations was posed recently

  • A NOVEL IDEA, EH? “Since everyone has a suggestion or 3 about what President Obama can do to get the economy cooking again, here’s 1 from the Wall Street Journal]: Immediately suspend the Environmental Protection Agency’s bid to reorganize the U.S. electricity industry, & impose a moratorium on EPA rules at least until hiring and investment rebound for an extended period.” Do you think this is a good plan?


           Well I thought I’d answer that directly.

No it’s not a good idea and for good reason. It’s not permanent! If I were a company that was affected by these regulations what good would it do me if you temporarily remove them, I know they would be coming back my way in the future so how does that entice me to hire and expand now? This economic plan as they call it just stunts our growth. We are at a regulation breaking point in this country. They have regulated business right out of our country. It’s not the cheap labor that makes them move. We can pay a smaller number of Americans in many different companies a higher wage because of the quality and efficiency of American production and produce just as much so it’s worth paying a good wage.So the jobs could be created here cheap labor is a sorry excuse; it’s the tax code and the regulatory environment that chase jobs out. Giant domestic and global corporations love these regulations, they write it off as a cost of doing business and they lobby the government for them. Why? So they get zero competition from small companies looking to become large competitors. They know a small company couldn’t absorb those costs. Regulatory agencies are created for them as protection because they are in bed with the government. They portray the agencies acting as protection for the people and that is how it’s sold to us they condition us to believe they are good things that we cannot live or function without because we are too stupid to think for ourselves. When are you pundits and journalists going to stop giving Obama a pass? And yes by calling him and his administration incompetent, misguided or naïve is giving him a pass you’re being PC, none of you have the balls to call him on it. This stuff is all intentional he’s been telling us all along what he was going to do and that is “fundamentally transform the United State of America “ he has been saying this since he campaigned! Why can’t anyone to take the time to ask “fundamentally change” us into what? He cannot do this by passing laws through Congress they’d never do something like that in the open. The laws that Congress has passed under his tenure seem to be designed to give regulators power to write  laws that” fundamentally change” us under the guise of regulations. Don’t you see? Congress has given up its right as written in the constitution to write the laws. They have relinquished their power to the regulators who write them at the behest of the socialist utopian Department heads, regulatory agencies and tsars. Why do you think he has all this time for entertainment, acting like royalty, playing golf and even extensive vacationing?  Because he doesn’t have to do anything he’s created the environment for big government to run amuck all on its own without the pesky law process outlined in the Constitution. He should be creating an environment for our small businesses to run amuck  and grow like a wild fire now that would give some competition to the global corporations. That’s free market capitalism in action.But they dont want capitalism they want coporatism. They live by what John Davison Rockefeller stated a long time ago that “Competition is a sin”.  Until you people begin to call him out on these issues or at least start asking the question (“what if this viewpoint has merit”) nothing is going to change!


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