The case for Ron Paul…Why the establishment’s fear of him is not the same as yours

He can’t win, Yeah that seems to be the typical response and battle cry from every direction……But, Ron Paul runs pretty damn close in a head to head matchup with Obama if you look at some of the polls. With everyone parroting the establishment’s line that he can’t win gives the media an excuse to keep his views hidden from the public,not speaking out against it gives them the power to choose your president like they always do! You are playing right into their hands. Give the man equal time and equal coverage and let the chips fall where they may. Do you really think that Perry for instance is going to do anything about the Fed? Or do you think that he’s latching onto Paul’s message for political gain? I do believe it’s the latter because it’s popular, and that says volumes. The establishment is scared to death of Ron Paul but  not for the reasons they’d have you believe.It’s where you do agree with him that they fear.

Stop being conned and think about his positions rationally .We should stop all the money in foreign aid going to Israel and her enemies. By the way if you don’t know, while we  give Israel money we give her enemies that surround her a lot more, how’s that for good foreign policy? How about instead of that we stop giving away our money, end the five wars we are in and bring the troops home from the hundreds of bases that we are in around the world. We could take that money complete a working missile defense shield; upgrade our military weapons and equipment making us more powerful than ever before. We would be at peace have prosperity and give the finger to anyone who wanted to threaten us, we could say “I dare you!”………A nice bi product of bringing our troops home is letting them serve in a correct sized border patrol securing our borders at home instead of Germany, Korea or Iraq to name a few…….not only that…they’d be spending all their income here at home in our economy instead of overseas.  Ron Paul bashers don’t quite listen to his interviews, and still think they know what he is talking about. For instance, he cares if Iran gets nukes he has just said that in a recent interview. It was posted on facebook and twitter did anyone listen? Probably not. As for the rest of the candidates, none of the them have said they would invade Iran to keep them from getting nukes, they all talk tough and say they won’t allow it, but how? Bush didn’t do anything about it and if any American president would have done something it would have been him, Obama hasn’t done anything about it either. Face it no one will with the exception of Israel. What has happened over the last eight years it’s this. WE the United States have put Israel behind the eight ball, Bush refused to allow them to hit Iran’s facilities when they wanted to, sometime around 2006 when the facilities were vulnerable. Obama has continued to tie their hands and keep them in this unfortunate position just because we don’t want to piss off the Muslims. That is not going to change with someone new. Now, over the last years Iran has pushed their nuclear program further underground and has purchased hi tech anti- aircraft weapons from Russia. An air strike is not going to fix the problem anymore it would have to be a ground war. Are you all ready for that? I know our military isn’t. Its tired, stretched thin and broken, our weapons and aircraft are beaten on. Notice the numbers of planes and helicopters falling from the sky over the last few years I don’t believe that it just pilot error. Foreign policy doesn’t really change that much between administrations democrat and republican. Obama has not done what he promised to do in foreign policy he has continued Bush policy and in many ways expanded it .Iran will get the bomb because no president of the United States is going to stop that by starting a ground war. At least Paul is honest enough to admit that and this is how it will happen. One morning you’ll wake up and it will be all over the news…. BREAKING: Iran gets nuclear weapon. I seem to remember us taking the same position with North Korea. “We will not allow North Korean to get a nuke!!…Remember that?  I also remember waking up one morning to find they successfully tested an underground Nuke. That is exactly how it’s going to happen. They will let them get it and then proclaim from the mountain tops.” OH MY, WE DIDN’T THINK THEY’D HAVE NUKES FOR QUITE A WHILE.” So what do we do then, I guess we will have to talk or do we launch a ground war? Ron Paul would have given Israel the green light to go in and take those sites out when it was feasible because AS HE HIMSELF SAID……”Israel has the right to defend herself if she feels threatened “We should stay out of their business and let them take care of themselves in a manner that they see fit. Most importantly he would support their right to do it! He has a track record on this, go back and look for his support of Israel when they took out Iraq’s nuclear program. I’ll save you some time….”HE DID!” Also when asked if he would get involved if Iran attacked Israel he said “NO” but that’s where people stop listening. He said no because it’s none of our business but he would, come to their aid “IF” we were asked!

There is nothing wrong with Paul’s foreign policy the establishment seizes upon it because they know they can scare you with it especially the Republican conservatives and Neo-Cons (Which I once was myself). They, the Establishment are deathly afraid of his other views, you know……. the ones everyone agrees with? That is why they need to find something to use against him and make you believe he’s some sort of kook pacifist. The reality is this, if Paul gets elected the political money and power dry up. No need for Lobbyists in a Paul administration and do you know how many government bureaucrats would be out of jobs? In the thousands, think of how much truth would come out about how the Fed has been stealing our money for years, printing it, giving it to foreign banks and countries while we the taxpayers get the bill. Those days would be over, politicians and the bureaucracy can’t have this. The media fears him as well, they love the access they get in both parties, being on the inside wielding their influence with the administrations accumulating their own power. If Paul gets elected all that goes away they will know no one. They will be in the dark with no influence and that scares the crap out of them. So the answer is to have both parties and the media take something and twist it as usual into something it’s not, to be used as a tool against him and to scare you out of electing someone who will shine a light on all that is wrong. So do you still believe it’s his foreign policy they fear, Or might it be the potential collapse of the world they have created for themselves at our expense? Wake up and stop being used, they throw you a red herring and you all swallow it whole without even chewing on it. 

 Paul also believes that if you are going to go to war you go in with overwhelming force fast and furious to win and get out. You do not get bogged down for decade’s nation building. He’s running on Bush’s 2000 election campaign foreign policy  

 A last point on defense in general. I can tell most of you don’t listen to him speak you just go by what you hear and are told. He has clearly said on the floor of the house a number of times he is not against DEFENSE spending he is against military spending. There is a big difference. This man, the one that believes so strongly in the Constitution would not gut the one thing that the Constitution compels us to spend money on!…I’m assuming some of you dismiss Eisenhower’s speech on the military industrial complex as a fairy tale it’s real…look it up. We spend money on weapon systems that the military doesn’t even want. The complex lobbies the congress for these programs to get built so that they make millions for their companies whether these weapons are needed or not ,and the politicians get campaign donations ,power and influence from those companies that they give favor to .Let’s concentrate on what we need! Let’s stop the wasteful Pentagon spending and invest in a kick ass military that no one will want to face. Peace through strength I think it was once called by some past president.

As for those of you who just want to war, relax …there is always a way to do this, hence the beauty of our founding fathers and our documents. If the people of the United States felt that it was in our best interest to go to war with Iran and take out their nukes or join a ground war with Israel against them then the “People’s House” (The House of Representatives) will begin debating the subject. If the Congress declares war (AS IT WAS INTENDED) we would be well within our rights to do so LEGALLY because that is the course of action set up by the Constitution, one man does not have the power to send us to war!


Keep in mind these other Republicans talk a good game until they get to Washington and then all we will get is some watered down version of what they have campaigned on a lot of it taken from Ron Paul. It’s a bait and switch…We will just get socialism lite, It’s a slower pace but we will still be moving down the same road we have been traveling on for the last 100 years. Hell, Obama will have advanced the socialist  cause so far in his first four years that they’ll be happy to throw you a tiny crumb here and there so you can say “he/she is fixing the problem”… It’s all B.S. “The more things change the more they stay the same”, no one has upset the apple cart and in the end that is just how they like it.”Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Up until last year I was of the same exact opinion as all the Ron Paul bashers, I believed in some things he said but that foreign policy that was just too much until I started to really look at it, research it, listen to it and most importantly……THINK


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