Some thoughts I had on the last July 4th,2011

Today, on the 4th day of July 2011 I ask you all to remember this; it is “Today” we celebrate our declaration to be independent & free of King George and the crown, effectively casting the yoke of submission to England and its ruling class of elites off of us. Those elites believed we were a people who were destined to be ruled and pay tribute to them with our blood and our fortunes to further their reign of big government. They would tell us how to worship, how much we would be taxed, what were and were not our liberties and how much freedom we would have to exercise those liberties, and when our sons and daughters would be called to serve by waging war in their name they would be expected to do so, fighting and dying to preserve the very thing that would oppress us.

Now, think about this for a moment. Do you really and clearly understand why we made this declaration? Does any of this seem eerily familiar? The founders and the people rebelled for much less than we tolerate these days. Do you for a moment believe that if any of the characters we have in our current crop of politicians were alive back then they would be fighting for our independence? I myself don’t, I believe they would be arguing in favor of King George because they would be beneficiaries of their largess, bestowing them with a level of liberty, power and control that the common man was not allowed to enjoy..

We have forgotten our history, whether that be by accident or by design but I do submit to you “it is the latter.” We were not intended to become what we are today, what we have is a mischaracterization of what self government and capitalism is supposed to be. We have been led to forget and made ignorant of our history so we would not notice the small incremental steps that have occurred over the last 100 years to change things to a centralized plan. This is what has allowed them to point to the things we should cherish and say that it has failed us, “its evil”, it’s greedy”. You see, once we are made more tolerable of that concept we will be more willing to hold out our wrists and smile as the shackles get tighter and tighter around them, usually in the name of our safety or for our own good. You do understand that they always know what’s best for us because we are too ignorant to know ourselves?


 “We should be what we were intended to be not what we have allowed ourselves to become”

                                                                                                                                ~Glenn Beck~

Not only have we been denied our own history in addition to that we haven’t been taught what authoritarian government looks like, how it ends and the suffering that it entails. They don’t want you to reject the direction we are being taken in and the only way you would reject it would be if you recognized it so of course we aren’t taught to understand what authoritarian rule looks and feels like.

Can anyone see what we are losing? If things don’t change when the history books are written in years to come they will say. “Look at these people; they had the greatest gift that could be bestowed on man at any time in history, the gift of self government ,but after time had passed and they became lazy and developed a feeling of entitlement they gave their God given natural rights back to a ruling class which plundered their treasures, their lives, liberties and their pursuit of happiness.”

There is no time in history that a people were handed such an opportunity to live free, true freedom. Self government while not a new concept was really new to the world once it was actually applied and tried. Our experiment is the youngest form of government on earth yet in the time we have existed we have made advances in every aspect there is to conceive of including the greatest expansion of the human condition at anytime in recorded history. This is something that we were able to do “As a people” not as a country “America” is an experiment our borders and sovereignty just provide it with a place to play out. The world is replete with failed centralized styles of government starting with the monarchies to the facist,communist and socialist styles of big government .None of these styles of government end particularly well and commonly end with you on the wrong side of a gun barrel. Look at the level of human injustice, poverty and overall advancements in these countries it’s sad and pathetic because there were no advancements or prosperity. So that’s the thing that we want to emulate here? Really? How is it that we advanced so far so fast without the government’s help? How is it that we were able to transform the world for the better with such small government intrusion? Why is it that the more they get involved  and the bigger they get  things just keep getting harder and harder. When there was less government intrusion the dollar was worth 92 cents more than it is now. We were we able to have one income earner in the family. It was easier to open up a business. I was just easier to live period?! WHY? Because we were allowed to unleash the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the people,the government was NOT in the way. The more they get involved in everything from what to eat,smoke,drive,use to heat and cool our homes, the kind of light bulbs we can use, the kind of toilet we are allowed to install, what we can and cannot do to our own property has become the equivalent of throwing a wet blanket over the raging fire that our free market economy can be.

I want my FREEDOM back!! It’s slipping away every day including our civil liberties. Stop asking what the government can do for you. It’s up to the people to be responsible and be in charge of their own destiny not the planned path that our government seems to have laid out for us. Your unalienable rights come from our God, or your Universal natural rights or whatever you believe in but they do not come from a ruling class or government. We must always remember that a government that is big enough to give you your rights is also big enough to take them all away. That is why the Constitution was written, to basically set boundaries for the Federal government that they were not allowed to cross legally. Many of us believe for some reason that the Constitution was written to spell out our rights, it’s not it’s a document that is designed to protect you from your own government so it will not overstep its bounds and trample those rights. To do so it would mean that the Federal government would have to break the law to actually have control over you and yet it happens every day without repercussions.

The Federal government, made a pact with the states that created it, it promised to never rule over the states(This is the reason for the 10th amendment) and that it would only serve as the glue that held the union of these states together, provide it with a common defense and promote the general welfare of its citizens.(Meaning that It would act as a referee in cases of one citizen defrauding another ) This has nothing to do with healthcare,medicare or Medicaid or for that matter every government bureaucracy  that was created to “Protect us”. If the government actually did what was intended it would just act as a protector from enemies within and without, along with protecting our borders. It would serve as a protective bubble from which each state could be a laboratory of ideas and have the people deciding how they want their state government to act, or how intrusive they would allow it to become. Having government close to its citizens means that it is more directly accountable to them. For example; if you’re an environmentalist then enact rules on the state level to protect these things you hold dear. If I don’t like them I can move to another state it all comes back to freedom and that is why a one size fits all centralized government never works for long. You should be free to enact laws in your own respective states but other people should also be free enough to move around and leave a state that if they don’t agree with or fight to try and change the laws.

One of the first things that touched off the movement for independence was something so trivial by today’s standards but only goes to show how detached we have become; this was when England imposed a “Tax” on Tea hence the Boston tea party. Can you imagine?… Look at how much we are over taxed now and we keep asking for more. We should be outraged and yet we sleep, fast forward to the straw that broke the camel’s back for the founders and the people. It was something that was called “The Stamp Act” this was the last item enacted before the people decided it was time to rebel and go to war if need be. This act required that everything you did that involving “Papers”  must carry the stamped seal of King George himself and if that wasn’t bad enough the act provided permission for British soldiers to write their own search warrants themselves without going to a judge and showing probable cause. This allowed them to search a private citizen’s home for the lawful stamp on all personal documents, they could literally knock in your door and do their searches as one man saw fit. This was enough to provoke the rebellion.

Just so you know, recently in an updated form of the “Patriot Act “The law now states and allows FBI,DEA,ect to write their own search warrants and bust in doors looking for whatever it is they want to look for, but it’s for our own safety right? So does that mean it’s ok?… Hell no it just proves how backwards we have gone and how dumbed down we have become that we can’t even recognize the vast consequences this law . Back then it was just a knock on your door but now they write warrants for your bank accounts, your emails, your health records, your telephone records and even your internet usage. It’s more insidious than the stamp act ever could be and yet we sleep…………….

Wake up America on this 4th day of July 2011, We really can’t be sure how many more of these days we have left to create a new version of our declaration of independence from our oversized bloated Washington government affectionately known to me as “The Greater King George” It’s time we get educated and crush this very effective yet quiet Coupe…by pen……..


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