Head Bangin’

I don’t think any of the things that are talked about or posted by all the people on here who believe our country is in the process of being destroyed has zero effect on the general public. I think we are destined to be thrown into the trash bin of history. I can tell by the amount of people who seem not to be concerned by any of this with the “It can’t happen here” mindset. Or the “you’re crazy” statements that I get from people. No one even reads or comments on most things alerting them to what is happening……..No one cares. They will …but only after it’s too late.

This is especially evident with the younger people who have little good to say about their own country. I mean after all “Can you blame them?”This view has been pounded into their head by the public school system since their first day of school. What other country on earth teaches their kids to hate their own country? Please remember that our government runs the educational system. If the government really didn’t like what the educational system is turning out don’t you think they would make a change? Of course they would but they are getting exactly what they want. The answer is always more and more money for what? I’m not sure but how much does it really cost to teach kids how to read, write do math understand our history. Hell I could do that on my front lawn for next to nothing. The global corporations have purchased our government, the ruling class has control and we are all just “Human resources” like cattle to a rancher and they are teaching our kids to accept it generation after generation. They actually believe that what we have now is what the founders had in mind…that’s a joke!

I’m pretty sure no one will read this, and if they do they are just going to think I’m nuts as usual or it will be people of like mind but we are all on the same page, so what good does that do? When is it that the people who to this point haven’t been concerned with any of this will start to ask us questions or start to prepare for what is coming?

This is not a political issue it’s not a left right issue it’s a Constitutional issue a Declaration issue. For all of the people on the right who think that the Republicans are any different you have alot to learn. Take it from a former staunch Republican, they are bought and paid for by the same people……

Big government is big government whether it’s right of left. We all know the complaints about the left’s expansion of government but think about the right’s expansion…. IE. Legislating morality it’s just as intrusive and let’s the camel’s nose get under the tent. It doesn’t make it Constitutional because you agree with the morality of whatever the issue might be.

Stop cheering for Establishment republicans!!They will do exactly what Obama did to his constituents once elected. They will get you to feed into the rhetoric to get elected and then turn around once in office and ultimately obey their global masters, STOP BEING FOOLED!!

Most everyone here with the “I hate politics”,or” it’s all bullshit”,or” I hate talking about this stuff, it’s not fun and it’s boring” attitude are acting and behaving exactly how they want, they DO NOT want you to think!Ask Questions!Wonder What if these people are right?

I’m sorry…….. I know you’re all too busy with American Idol,MTV,Hollywood,the Oscars, Sporting events and the like to be concerned with all of this but what will you be concerned about when it’s all gone……all of it…… Your home, your BMW,your vacation to the Bahamas or even that Disney cruise with your family?.. None of it will be of concern to you anymore. You’ll be overly concerned with where your next meal is coming from, or how to keep warm in the winter.

What do the elite say? “The only obstacle to a New World Order is the United States”………How much longer do you think they are willing to wait?……. Have you noticed how quickly things have been changing over the last few years? Hmmmmmmmmm? Do you think it’s an accident that someone with no experience ZERO! That came out of nowhere now occupies the White House?………He’s just a useful idiot (Marx’s words not mine) for the puppet masters!

And before you pubicans say it……… So is Romney,Pawlenty,Huckabee,Gingrich and so was Bush…..And don’t think it doesn’t bother me to say it because it wasn’t long ago that I looked up to and respected some of these men!

Good luck to you all……. and God bless!


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